David Shama does David Lynch


David Shama does David Lynch

Swiss-born Paris-based photog David Shama, has recently begun to dabble in film direction and is off to a fine start. His latest work is a music video for the indelible director extraordinaire David Lynch’s recent, somewhat unexpected foray into music. The video is in the running to become the official work associated with the song, interestingly in a competition the esteemed director himself is holding.

We spoke to Shama briefly about the ethereal, intensely physical work, which he likened to a conversation with the model, sweet Swede Annie Åckerman. Among his guiding lights for the video, he cites Chris Cunningham and Jonathan Glazer’s work for Aphex Twin and Radiohead, respectively. (And probably a healthy dose of the master Lynch’s work, as well) He told us of the mood, “I wanted to keep the frame very tight to convey a sense of claustrophobia and to accentuate the captivating feeling of the song.”

You captivated us, kid. And we think Lynch will love it. But this is a competition, afterall, so let’s show some support! Vote Mr. Shama’s film here. Share with your friends!

Tag Christof, Images and video courtesy David Shama