Bar 25 Berlin: In meinem Garten an der Spree


Bar 25 Berlin: In meinem Garten an der Spree

When New Yorkers talk about Berlin, they do not discuss the opera but rather reminisce about the good times they had at Berghain or Bar25, two clubs that embody what Berlin is all about: a freewheeling lifestyle of music, creativity and individuality. “Bar 25 is like a love song to a bygone place in the heart of Berlin.” Forget about club managers, head of PR, accountants: this place is run by a community of 15 people that live and work at Bar 25, reinvesting every penny they make back into the Berlin Neverland.

A parallel world, or mini universe, 3000 square meters of jubilation and prosperity, offering 21st century hippies a 360º party landscape right on the Spree’s waterside, open solely in the summer. Seven years ago Bar 25 started as casual Berlin love boat, today it is an institution, an endless story of famous after parties that are simply unforgettable, a never ending dreamland, the personification of a carefree lifestyle. It comes as no surprise that regulars identify Bar 25 as their family, a place where to spend their weekends, since the doors open thursday nights and close down on tuesday mornings, the day reality comes back into the picture.

Sadly summer 2010 was the end of an era. Big investors, politicians, businessmen with a different idea a what should happen along the Spree, have decided to close Bar 25 down in order to develop Mediaspree project, building offices, lofts and hotels. On midnight, September 13, 2010 with a final foghorn blow and a shower of confetti, Bar25 closed its doors for good.

But this was not the definite end. Bar 25 along with Inkubato is now making a coherent movie all about these incoherent moments. “Over those seven wondrous years, there was a group of videographers who realized that we were part of something unique, magical and, yes, ephemeral.” In order to realise the project, Bar 25 needs help from all of us in order to afford editing facilities and finance the soundtrack.

All there is left to say is: Eins, zwei, drei, vier, Fünfundzwanzig!

Safia Brown, Trailer courtesy Inkubato.