A Euro-NY couple


A Euro-NY Couple

Creative gurus running side by side in a New York City stride. They are the influencers, carving stylistic decadence that we eagerly eat up with flittering voracity. Delfina Pinardi and James Timmins are the admired and sought after, the desirable doublet.

Pinardi fostered a riveting working timetable from the blooming age of 19 where she skipped between Paris and Milan and began her styling yellow-brick road under the eyes of Giambattista Valli at the Maison Emanuele Ungaro. It was a beauteous precursor to the years that would follow at Elle Italia. Pinardi then turned her sails after this European surge and blew west to New York City where she currently resides with her striking partner James Timmins of Atelier1880. A former model with edible good looks, Timmins’ portfolio feathers extensively over the designing of print, web, and branding for fashion editorials, with served up specialties such as art directing Dossier Journal and acting as senior designer at CoolGraySeven, the boutique advertising agency.

Celebrations of their own romance, Pinardi and Timmins’ ingenuity is contagious. Pinardi’s influence spreads broadly over the Vogue Italia family, but where the heart and business of creativity so efficaciously collide is at Ponytail, where she calls the shots as fashion editor at large, and Timmins as art and design director. Turn the pages and each simmers with energy. This twosome is on an upward escalade inviting the young and sophisticated along for the escapade.

Coco Brown, Images courtesy Atelier1880 and Ponytail.