This October 17th, Dutch crusaders for all things sustainable Strawberry Earth will join the pantheon of advocates fighting for conscientiousness and conscience in fashion. The affair, whimsically billed Wonderland, is to be “an event showcasing ‘eco wonders’ from the worlds of fashion & beauty.” The Netherlands-based organization, who had a hand earlier this year in the organisation of the Dutch Environmental Film Festival, is modelling the occasion after Key.to in Berlin and Estethica in London, but charging it with a dose of Dutch. Lest we forget the fashion, the event surely wouldn’t be complete without a little runway action, and in good form there will be a group of sustainable catwalks by Studio JUX, Charlie + Mary and three independent designers from Awearness Fair Fashion. Style and meticulous, natural grooming will be served up by AVEDA and Swedish quartet The Amplifetes will be on hand for an icing-on-the-cake live performance.

Aimed towards young designers, a “Meet the Experts” panel will convene to dish out insight into the design, construction and production of sustainable clothes. Additionally, for those of you swept up in new media fever or who are interested in evolving into mind-blowing fashion bloggers yourselves, Strawberry Earth will also be hosting a capsule Fashion Blogger Camp as a compliment within the context of the larger event. The platform is designed to serve as a forum for discourse on the role, impact and future of bloggers within the fashion system. Highlights include the minds and fingers of the luminaries behind Stylescrapbook, Hiphonest, Volkskrant, and others.

October 17, 16:00-20:00 at TrouwAmsterdam, pwered by STRAWBERRYEARTH

by Tag Christof