Secret by Dossier Magazine

Secret by Dossier Magazine

“Another secret: this is what photographs do. They whisper in your ear, saying, ‘You were there.’ This is no lullaby, no sleepy remembering. Instead, it is a jolt of recognition. ‘I was there,’ you think to yourself, amazed. ‘I was there, and so were you.’” – Emma Straub

It comes as no surprise that 2DM photographer Skye Parrot in collaboration with Alec Friedman, co-founders of Dossier Journal, curate a photographic exhibition around the brainchild secrets from October 29 to November 14, at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles,CA.

Just as the inception of Dossier Journal in May 2008, which was born around the theme of having no theme, using images that evoke raw emotions and playing around the method of filing interesting ideas that are usually left in the dark, this exhibition is portraying the one thing that we all have the urge to do in the end of the day: tell secrets.

So why not ask 39 photographers to give a visual response when asked to tell a secret, which evokes the essence of the photographic medium, capturing ones most personal and hidden thoughts and turning it into something visually creative yet showcasing it to the rest of the world as dark, delightful, or occasionally both, as is the case with Friedman’s bittersweet portrait of a sunburned back.

It was about time that we get to take photography back to its original essence. Giving photographers the freedom of capturing something solely personal, leaving constrictions, perfection, and consciousness in the background, Secrets evokes rawness, intimacy, and most importantly emotions. In the end of the day when telling a secret it’ s less about throwing dust in somebody’s eyes but about telling the blank truth.

By Safia Brown