Visions from the future – Iridescent Worlds

Visions from the future – Iridescent Worlds

Challenging space and time has always been one of the overriding aims of Science Fiction, as well as the starting point from which the plot of the story should unfold its events. Well, at least this process worked in late 60s when science fiction was born, before the actual computer diffusion and domination. Instead, our multi-media era is distinguished by the raising of masses’ power of expression and interaction, which blew up very quickly and in quite unexpected ways considering the Internet, the new technologies and the audio-visual improvements.

The role of science and fiction thus becomes crucial nowadays, tracing our everyday reality. Curious? Get this new-media visual experience and delve into the issue through “Visions from the future – Iridiscent Worlds” – an international competition of video and live media presented by Cronosfera (May 28th – 29th – 30th, Turin, Italy).

Now that Science Fiction has become part of our everyday life and we’re actually experiencing it, we can say that there’s no fiction anymore, while science, instead, has extremely grown up.

By Elisa Lusso – images courtesy of Cronosfera Festival