‏Julia Seemann – From Vivienne Westwood to Making it on Her Own

‏The Swiss fashion designer Julia Seemann is only 24 years old but has already come a long way on her fashion journey. After graduating from the Institute of Fashion Design at the Academy Of Art and Design in Basel in 2014 and working for Vivienne Westwood and Meadham Kirchhoff in London, she has now founded her own label. Based in Zurich‪,‬ Seemann’s brand has now expanded internationally and received attention outside the Swiss boders.

‏Her aesthetic vision is built around the thought of combining reduced geometric forms with plain or rough fabrics and materials that create a feminine and elegant look but with an edgy twist. In other words, Seemann’s style can best be described as cool, with its sculptural pieces, eye-catching, confident and personal – cool clothes for the cool girl. It feels like a breath fresh air and her architectural approach is bringing something new to the table. With her latest collection ”Another Composition” she is continuing to push her limits by translating the traditional and regular working wear and giving it a modern update by adding strong, primary colours. The result is a collection that mixes references and styles, but still succeeds in feeling coherent. She is true to her vision, and we can’t wait to see how she will translate it in her next collection.

Hanna Cronsjö – Images courtesy of Julia Seemann