Guest Interview n°29: Jack Skuller

Guest Interview n°29: Jack Skuller

Jack Skuller is on fire. He made waves last year with his toe-tapping, singalong single “Love Is a Drum” and has just followed it up with the every-bit-as-catchy “Secondhand Smoke.” His music is pop in original sense: engaging, approachable and instantly classic. The Ruckus hailed him as the “Anti Bieber,” and he certainly provides refreshing relief from the leagues of overproduced marketing machines that have ruled the international pop airwaves recently. He’s lightyears away, and is a stellar musician first and foremost.

Combined with his addictive rhythms, uncanny knack for songwriting and good looks, we’re convinced Jack’s going big places. 2DM photographer Roberta Ridolfi spent an afternoon with Jack – and they got on famously. With The Blogazine, Jack talked musical style, his favourite album of all time, and life in Jersey.

I hear a modern-day Ritchie Valens in your music… but you’ve been called a mini Jack White! So how would you define your style?
I am simply a rock and roll artist with a 50’s twist. There is a lot of blues incorporated into my writing and melodies and it mixes with modern rock and roll, which is what you are hearing.

And how do you feel about being called the “anti-Bieber”? (We’d feel pretty good about it!)
Well, I never know if it’s good or bad! (Haha) To be honest, I never really focused any of my aspirations on becoming the “anti-Bieber” nor the “next Bieber.” Our music is completely different from one another’s – we’re musically in separate galaxies!

And who do you consider your greatest musical influences?
There are so many that I can’t even name all of them! But some of my biggest influences are definitely Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Little Walter, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and The Kills. A wide range of music I just covered, I know… Some may call me a hybrid!

Dream collaboration?.
A blues covers album with The Black Keys or Jack White.

How do you listen to music? Vinyls? iPod?
Great question! My family owns a lot of vinyl, but I usually use my iPod or my laptop.

What’s your favourite album of all time?
The Beatles’ Revolver

Let us in on your songwriting technique. Does inspiration flow when you sit down with your guitar, or do ideas strike more randomly?
It’s both. Sometimes I’ll think of a melody or a chord progression based on how I’m feeling and then the lyrics just write themselves. Other times, I’ll have an idea and just sit at my desk and go nuts on the paper. Most of my songs come from real experiences.

If you could choose to live in any era, when would it be?
Without a doubt, the 50’s – first generation of rock and roll!

Tell us a little about life in Jersey!
It’s splendid. I’m 10 minutes away from New York City, where most of my gigs are. I love school and my friends are so awesome and supportive.

How do you spend your time when you’re not rocking out?
I’m usually writing, rehearsing, running, playing basketball or baseball, or completing an assignment for school. But I don’t have to do that again for a while since I’m on summer break!!

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