Guest Interview n°27: Hanna Albrektson


Guest Interview n°27: Hanna Albrektson

“I’m the kind of person who was born with a pen and a pair of scissors in hand,” says illustrator Hanna Albrektson – aka Weekendform. “My mum used to go crazy when the fruits in our kitchen became a victims of my markers…” The illustrator from the south of Sweden talks to us about her love for paper and how she made Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Hermès bags into something super recyclable.

She loves the feeling of complete freedom, and considers her work to be just that, free. With studies in graphic art and different printing techniques, she likes the fact that she doesn’t have to be limited by a specific method. And that she has the ability to mix paper collages with gouache and markers. Her studio is in Malmö, the Swedish city known for being the most artistic and inspiring. Below her sky-high ceiling and surrounded the humming from the pedestrian street just outside her window, she is content.

When starting new projects, she always begins by hand. To Hanna, it’s important that you understand the work that lies behind each drawing, and the fact that it’s made by an actual person, not just a computer. “I want my drawing to express honesty and direct, she says.”

She’s inspired by simplicity and optical illusions. She prefers a “less is more” style while also having a huge passion for patterns: they are endless and can go on forever.

What’s the most entertaining project you’ve done so far?
Hmm… Difficult to say! I enjoy the variations in my job! However, I did a super fun fashion story for the magazine Gravure. I illustrated clothes in watercolour, then I pasted it on top of a nude model. Time consuming and intricate but fun! I was so pleased with the feeling of the images! Emma Dysell, the photographer did an amazing job with the photos.

Tell us about the project of your dreams!
There are many of projects I would love to do. I want to illustrate porcelain, create wallpapers, textiles, book covers, you name it! I think I want to do as many different kinds of works as possible.

Your paper bags are fascinating! What’s the story behind the project?
The story of the paper bags is simple. I got a request to create a fashion relation job for The Block magazine. I liked the idea of building classic, expensive designer bags in a material as simple as paper. The bags were photographed by Emil Larsson. I’m amused by paraphrases. To create my own interpretation of already exiting pieces of art or other objects is a part of my artistry.

When not working, what do you prefer to draw?
When not working, I draw from my mind. Like possible new projects. Anything from new wallpapers to research of new kinds of papers.

Who are your personal favourite illustrators or designers?
That would be Jane Bark. David Shirgley. Toni Lewenhaupt. Stig Lindberg. Lovisa Burfitt. Poul Ströyer And probably another 100 people…

If you could have coffee with any one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
I would have my coffee with the DJ Larry Levan, but it would just be for an quick espresso since he is about to have a gig at “Paradis Garage.” So we knock back our coffees and hit the club! He DJs and I dance, drinking cocktails all night long! The year is 1982…

Thanks, Hanna!

Emelly Blomqvist